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The depot of ExtractumPharma is located in Kunfehértó. We make our free warehouse capacity available to our Partners in the form of contracted storage, providing an SAP system-backed comprehensive administration background for the movement of goods.


  • Floorspace: 700 m2
  • capacity of 1610 pallets

Storage security (according to GMP guidelines)

  • provision of temperature below 25 ºC
  • 24 h security patrol
  • Smoke and motion detection
  • Safe receipt and delivery of the stored products

Movement of goods

  • We have a capacity of moving 200 pallets daily


Raw material / additive

  • Regional representation of raw material and additive manufacturers
  • Lease storage, expediting of raw materials and additives

Finished product

  • Import of medicinal products
  • Storage of medicinal products
  • Expediting of medicinal products for wholesalers
  • Consignation activity

Other related service

  • Hungarian representation of international firms
  • customs administration services
  • EU release of bulk/finished products from third countries [link to 4.1.5]
  • Primary and secondary packaging of bulk products as required with flexible deadline
  • Partial or complete repackaging, relabelling of finished products
  • Quality assurance services
  • Freight organisation
    • transportation from airport to EP depot
    • transportation within EU member states

If you need further information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.