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Comprehensive logistics service

Administration of import, freight, storage, transportation, disposal, administration, license for narcotic drug production

ExtractumPharma Zrt. offers a comprehensive logistics service consisting of the warehousing of investigational medicinal products necessary for the implementation of clinical trials and the transportation thereof to the location of the trial (health institutions), the transportation of the remaining items back to the warehouse and, if necessary, their disposal. Our special service includes:

  1. obtainment of import permits necessary in the case of medicinal products requiring special handling (narcotics, psychotropics)
  2. import, customs administration
  3. transportation from airport to EP warehouse
  4. comprehensive administration of the processes:
    1. provision of the strict accounting rules required by the authorities
    2. reporting tailored to the partner\'s needs
  5. transportation of the investigational medicinal products to the locations of the trials (taking into account any special requirements)
  6. contact with members of the supply and use chains (client/sponsor, monitor, hospital, national authorities)
  7. continuous supply of the trial locations
  8. transportation of the remaining products back to the warehouse at the end of the clinical trials
  9. comprehensive disposal at the closure of the trial